Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I could sit here in this chair all day
Pondering the mysteries and wonders before me
And when the day is over and done
I am deeper into the struggle than ever before
Knowing less but feeling more
Closer to You than ever before
Closer to me

I can watch the sweeps dance across the waters
I can see the ducks resting in the rain
As I sit here in this recliner seeing it all
Writing out a simple refrain
I sense I am walking to something deeper
Something beyond the dark and the pain
Though I am more still than I have ever been

The rain keeps on falling and falling
The water keeps on accepting the earth
The sound of its music brings laughter
Its moisture brings clouds in the mirth
Heightening mirth more than ever before
Changing the sounds of the earth
Closer to You than ever before, still even closer to me

The wind has joined in with the laughter
The grasses now see they are green
It reminds me that my heart is a flower
It blooms in the realms that cannot be seen
Changing the sounds of the earth
Closer to You than ever before
Ever closer, even closer to free

I see

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