Thursday, June 29, 2017


I get tired of chasing inspiration
I get frustrated with interruptions
This ever-gnawing, ever-present desire
Something beyond words, a burning fire
So deep within I cannot see it nor hear it
Yet I most assuredly can feel it
It is my life calling me forth
It is life itself calling me into the beyond
Beyond normalcy, beyond status quo
Even beyond the knowns of excellent and good
Into realms of even better and best
Places of peace, places of rest
Where I have no part in a chaotic hurricane
Rather I stand in the cooling rain
Just taking in the rainbows from the sunshine
It’s light is there no matter the circumstances
No matter the mistakes, the crushed romances
No matter the costs, the worries, the trials
No matter the doubts, curses or dark denials
Light does shine, darkness doesn’t argue
My every lot, my every sinew
Is washed anew in this effervescence 

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