Monday, February 21, 2011

Dawn in the Upper Window

Dawn in the Upper Window

I awake to a sliver of light
Dancing through the upper window
I see clouds running to the west
In search for gold and rest
Just like the men below
Quaking in their fright

Suddenly the birds appear
Moving like the sonic wave
And just as suddenly they are gone
Always moving as is their home
In the forgiveness they danced and forgave
So in their height there is no fear

The barren tree lifts arms to sky
The winds they cause his arms to swing
The motion swirls now with the clouds
The sunlight does remove the shrouds
Life is coming in the spring; life is coming in the spring
We still can’t answer the question “Why?”

The upper limbs form Sophocles’ mask
One side laughs, the other side grim
Yet the wind moves on this shattered grin
You know not where, you know not when
You know not who, you just know of Him
You are at the place where you can ask

The sliver has erupted into majestic beams
The clouds are crowned with gold and light
Their motion breathless through the heavens
I close my eyes and feel the seven’s
For now there can be no more night
Love is now the dancing seam

K, Duane Carter 2-21-11

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