Monday, February 14, 2011

I Yearn for You

I Yearn for You
As the ocean yearns to reach the shore
So I yearn to reach to you.
As the moonlight softly touches earth
So I so softly reach to you.
As the sunlight warms the lonely soil
So your smile does help me glow.
As the wind whispers secrets through waving arms
So your heartbeat I do know.

As the stars appear on quiet nights
So I will appear to you.
As the rosebud bursts to sudden bloom
So my love does grow for you.
As the bird’s songs rise into the sky
So my heart does sing a song
As I see you and know you every day
So there my love for you grows strong.

K, Duane Carter 2-14-11


  1. A sweet love poem, Duane. Nice one.

  2. Thanks Glynn. I actually wrote this about 20 years ago, but thought I would pull it out for Valentine's Day :)