Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Oldie

I wrote this in response to One-Stop Poetry's query about older poems that were written as youths.  Here's one from all the way back in 1986 (I was seventeen).  WOW!  They didn't even have mp3 players back then!  Hope you enjoy "The Most Beautiful Night."

The Most Beautiful Night
The silvery dark sky of night
Shifts slowly with the passing clouds
Which slowly obscures the twinkling light
Of the temple of stars with a puffy shroud.

The full moon glistens with joyful pride
As the passing clouds catch the beams
Now nothing on the earth can hide
From the light that falls while people dream.

A darkened daylight, a quiet hush
Moves over the night as a flowing stream
The silence broken by a speckled thrush
To wake us from enchanted dreams.

The whispering moon bids farewell
And beckons the sun to appear
Then the speckled thrush sings the tale
Of the most beautiful night of the year.

kdc  3-2-86


  1. That is pretty sweet for a 17 year old boy (no offence) Since I am new here, I might have to take a look at how your poetry has morphed with time. Good for you to share. And you paint a very serene scene that I wouldn't mind slipping into now and again.


  2. No offense taken Katherine!! This is the first time I have posted any of my "old stuff." I haven't taken the time to do so because it would take several dozen entries, and I am afraid I would scare off everyone :). But thanks for the good comments!

  3. thanks for you were 17 in 86, i reckon i have a couple of years on you there...heck MP3 players, what about mobile phones DVD's & cd's...loved reading really does capture what i was trying to get by celebrating and sharing our older work...great stuff...cheers pete

  4. Thanks Pete! Thank you for the opportunity to share :)