Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Night

Winter Night

I love to watch the moon rise
Silver clouds dusting through the skies
It slowly climbs above the leafless trees
The Spirit comes in the midst of the freeze
The Spirit comes in the midst of the freeze

It’s light falls, gentle, and never harsh
It brings new light to the winter bark
And takes what is starving and makes it thrive
My heart takes it in and comes alive

I can look at the light that doesn’t burn my skin
I can look at the face and take Him all in
Yet I haven’t even started, not even begun
To receive all the light reflected from the great sun

The moon still is rising over leafless trees
The Spirit is moving through the mist and freeze
The quiet and stillness through which I silently plod
Remind me of the majesty and greatness of God

And I am simply overwhelmed by it all

K, Duane Carter 1-2-10


  1. Great poem, Duane! I actually sang it as I read along- turned out great. :) Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks Jason! When you win the Grammy, give me a good mention from the podium. Seriously!

  3. Light that doesn't burn my skin - a mystery.
    The Spirit still moving in mist and freeze - a mystery.
    So much that's overwhelming.
    I like this.