Saturday, January 29, 2011



You and I could be snow
We could rest in the heavens
Surrounded by clouds
Filled with unique others
Made to fall and fly and water all at once
Absorbing the sounds around us
Taking in the peace and the tranquility of space
All impurity and fear erased
And then released
Falling, soaring, never boring
Landing to the earth like owls to the branch
Quiet, quiet, quiet
Yet releasing a sound that changes all
Releasing a sound that redeems the fall
Bringing a calm that can be felt
Bringing a reassurance, a softness
A purpose, a dream
The white does tell us what life does mean
Though we don’t understand it
We know in our soul
The sounds of the heavens have made us whole
Even when we could hear nothing at all

K, Duane Carter 1-29-11

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