Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Wings

The Wings

A stirring…
Oh, I feel a stirring
Just as the butterfly wing brings on the typhoon
The wings of the Spirit are moving; the Wind does resume
Those winds sweep across the universe
He is swooping and soaring and we do the same
When we enter into the glory of the incomprehensible Name
The Spirit’s great talons are sharpened and shine
They pierce all that is yours; they pierce all that is mine

A stirring
A whirring
Now all is blue, All is orange
Shifting, moving, Mystery in bodily and spiritual form
This, this is what is the norm
Are you ready for the twists and turns?
Are you ready for the ride?
Are you ready to fly through the portals and the nebulae?
And gather all of that inside
Simply so it may be released, simply so it might be contained
Simply so that in the desert there can be a pouring of Mighty Rain
Watching the creating, watching what is to be
Sensing, moving, being still
In the place where I am free

I feel the breeze upon my face

K, Duane Carter 1-16-10


  1. Love this! I feel the stirring of the Spirit and I want His great movement. Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks Jason. You've asked and He will answer you! God's best to you!