Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Shore

I often wonder if I am a wave on the shore
Wanting to go just a little further
But there is something that says, “No more”
And I just quietly go back to where I came from
Mingled in with everything else like me

I wait for the power and the force of the wind
I determine that I will try this again
But this time I will not do so alone
I hear the sound of the boat that groans
Against the force of the coming gale

I now am riding with the breeze
I determine to reach the heights with ease
And I am carried even beyond my sight
And notice I am filled with peace and delight
I am resting in a place much further on than I expected
And it all came from the place where I rested
And waited on the wind

Wow, I might have to do this again…

K, Duane Carter 8-28-10   


  1. Hi Duane!

    Once again, this is a great post! I am thankful for God's talent placed within you! If nothing else, I feel inspired to break free from the sense of what is normal in my life and strive for the powerful difference I can make w/ God as my driving force ;)

    Thank you so much for sharing!


  2. Thank you Daniel for the encouragement! I pray for you that God will bring you even more into that life abundant where you are always making a powerful difference because you always carry Him!! His best to you!!