Thursday, August 26, 2010



I have felt the darkness of the bats
Their furry, fluttering wings, elastic
And their gnashing teeth bombastic
And it is none too pleasant to deal with

I have stepped out into sun
Basking in the glorious one
Wielding heat and warmth and light
Chasing away the darkest night

And in that have seen the butterflies
Yellow and dancing,
Flying and prancing
A picture of my destiny

A metamorphosis like no other
I turn from enemy into brother
And dine at a table like no other
Where even the memories don’t hold me like they used to

In fact they don’t hold me at all
I found a cushion from the drastic fall
And it is light and love and joy and peace
A calm serenity has been released

And it dances on the clouds like the butterflies
Right here is the picture before me
Moving and hovering on gentle winds
Where all of goodness calls me friend

And lover of wonder all at once

K, Duane Carter 8-26-10

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