Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Baptism

The Baptism

I fall in backwards
Into the cold, wet grave
My hands placed neatly across my chest
Laid into a place of rest
My eyes still open I see
The bubbles bubbling over me
They climb up toward the towering trees
As sunlight still pierces the surface
And as I reach the depths I notice very quickly
That I cannot stay there
I begin to rise
As the water bears me up
It brings me up to the surface
And I rise with the oxygen toward the light
And I come up
A new man
A new creation
A new son
With a new love
And a new heart
Making a new start
As the old stays down on the bottom
My eyes take in the light
And the wind whispers through the trees
Strength returning to my knees
So I may now walk in the difference                               

K. Duane Carter 9-17-09

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