Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Wooden Fence

The Wooden Fence

I see this as me

I have a fence between the green pastures and me
I have a fence between the oceans of God's love and me
I have a fence between His cloud of glory and me
The fence even barricades the color out of my life
Yet, why can't I see the gaps?
Why can't I see that everything holding me back is dead?
It is dead on wood that no man has understood
Without the help of the Spirit of God
I am ready to bend down and go between those gaps
I need to learn how to lie down in the grass anyway
Because that is exactly what I will do on the other side
Everything holding me back from God is dead
I must move this thought right out of my head
And put it into action, so it will come alive in me
I see this as me

K. Duane Carter

I had to write this after a major let-down in my life yesterday. I hate screwing up. Through the night I kept thinking, "Great, now I have to go through all of this again. I am never going to get to my destiny because of my stupid decisions." What is so funny about this is just the day before God had shown me how that everything that holds us back from walking in the kingdom of God had been nailed to the cross and killed with Jesus, and when He rose up from the dead we could now walk in that same power. The kingdom of God is simply stepped into when we step into it by the power that Jesus gives us when we believe in what He did for us. Then I go and use my gift of resurrection power to raise up the dead stuff in my life instead of walking in life. Isn't that funny how we squirm and doubt when the possibility of raising the dead comes up, yet we use our resurrection power to do that everyday with the things that are dead which hold us back? We are constantly raising up our old nature from the dead. The enemy is very good at deception. He is using our very own God-given ability to resurrect the dead to raise up those things that have died in us. We may think they are alive because he deceives us to think that, and once we think they are "unconquerable" we tell them to get up and get on us and that power is released and here they come again. But in truth they are dead. Let's use our God-given authority to proclaim those things dead and call forth those things that God has said are alive in us. Let's put that resurrection power that God has given us in Jesus to good use!
I have to mention Abraham in this. He screwed up yet he walked right into his God-given destiny. Then you read God's view of him in Hebrews 11 and there are no mentions of the screw-ups. He is said to be a man without fault. We look at God and say, "What? Haven't You read Your own book?" I think God laughs at that question because God rewrites stories. Not because He made a mistake but because He has the power and might and love to erase our mistakes and to simply see in us what pleases Him. Then He writes down what He sees: the good stuff. He has the right to remove those mistakes we have made. In fact, He already did that at the cross, and He is just simply waiting for us to become agreeable with Him on that. Wow!

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