Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Miracle

Hello everyone from the Smoky Mountains! The picture is from the forests of the National Park. My family and I went to see a tremendous show today. It was called "The Miracle" and it was a Broadway-style presentation of the story of Jesus. It was an awesome show, but there were several things in there that really stood out to me. First was how Jesus was not some sort of somber and serious prude. He danced, He laughed, He hung out with the guys. Second was that I was amazed at when the show presented Jesus as healing the deaf and the blind and the leprous and raising the dead, the crowd roared in approval, yet when we see or hear of people doing this today all of a sudden people get really nervous and squeamish, especially people that go to church. What is up with that? Why is it that the One we claim to worship, the One who told us that we would do greater things than He did can be applauded today for the miraculous things He did, but if someone who follows Him completely does the same thing then we disdain that person? Third was the fact that everyone that was with Jesus really missed out on God's purposes because their thinking and their expectations were way too small. Jesus did not just come to rescue the Jewish people; he came to save all of us and give us all what we needed to be restored into a real relationship with God. That's why people just didn't get Him. I am wondering if we are doing the same thing. God has big plans for His people (ALL of His people), but our thinking is so small, I wonder if we are missing Him in the process. We are so focused on getting people "in church" that we miss the fact that God is trying to love them into His kingdom. We are so focused on people's shortcomings and aberrations from us that we miss the fact that God loves them and has a particular call and destiny for them. We are so focused on "doing stuff" that God will smile on and that will get us a better seat in heaven that we forget that Christ already did it all and we simply need to love each other by letting Him live that love out in us. There were several other things but I will have to save those for later. Sorry for the "pounding post" today, but I couldn't help but think of these things today. If you are ever in the Pigeon Forge area then check out "The Miracle." It is really a great show and it is very well done.

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