Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Picture

The Picture

There is a picture of God’s plan for us here
We start in the center with darkness
Then we see glimpses of His glory and majesty
We are then immersed in the crimson of His blood
And as we go outward leaving the darkness far behind
The realities of His resurrection and His glory become far more clear
And the realities of His resurrection power become far more bountiful to us
Than when we first saw those glimpses of His glory
They become so glorious that they overshadow the dimness of death and dying
They become so clear that all of this worlds other alternatives are dull in comparison
There is a picture of God’s plan for us here
He whispers His love for us in all things He has made
We see with our ears and hear with our eyes
When we simply take the time to listen and see
In ways that go beyond our mere reality
That is only a shadow of what is truly there
God places His love in a flower with care
And waits for us to simply kneel down and see it

kdc 9-14-08

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