Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Different Perspective

Different Perspective

Isn’t this how we see the world?
Don’t we seem to get it backwards?
We think the reflection is what we really see
When it is what is reflected which makes our spirits leap
Rather I should say it is WHO is reflected
If He is reflected at all
But no, He is reflected in all of us
But especially those who choose to look into that Mirror and see
That what we see with these human eyes is not the true reality
But the One that we look to with our spirits to find our meaning and our purpose
The One Who shows us who we were really meant to be
The One that gives us His life and sets us eternally free
Isn’t this how we see reality?
There is a world that is much more real than the one we see with these eyes of ours
It is much more real than this mere reflection we call life
For He alone is Life, He alone is Love,
He alone is real and all Truth comes from only Him
Isn’t it funny how we see the world?
Don’t we seem to get it backwards?

K. Duane Carter 8-2-08

I wrote this because I have been very frustrated at the lack of power and presence in modern day Christianity. It really doesn’t look like anything I read about in the Bible. Of course then the next “logical” thought is, “Maybe it doesn’t exist if you don’t see it.” Well, I know who planted that thought and that is when I asked God, “Why aren’t we seeing this real Christianity?” That is when He showed me that we will never see it as long as we look from our perspectives. That is why the people of Jesus’ day missed Him, too. They were looking for grandeur and power and majesty. They were looking for a conqueror who would destroy their enemies and set up an earthly kingdom. Aren’t we guilty of the same? The real kingdom of God begins in loving our neighbor as ourselves. That is it right there. When we start looking at life from this perspective, then we finally begin to see the REAL stuff we have been looking for all along. It is all about relationships. It is all about real relationships based in a real love given out by a real God and a real Savior and Friend and a real Spirit Who ache and long for people to be one with Him. When we enter this place, then that is when we enter into what our true lives are meant to be. Everything else will flow from this.

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