Friday, January 29, 2010



Lord, I have spent my whole life it seems focused on myself
And look what a mess I have made
They say there is no use crying over spilled milk
But what about a wasted life?
That to me is the sharpest knife
That is cutting on my soul, my being
But there is something that is cutting on that cruel knife
Something that carries the light of life
And that is You have chosen me before the beginning of time
There can be now no waste of my rhyme
That is so very freeing
You saw me in all of my life before one atom ever existed
Your love for Me was infinite and just simply persisted
Long before the starlight ever came to this earth
Long before I was brought to life in my birth
My all You were seeing
And still You chose me
My life is not wasted
For Your goodness I have tasted
In the truth You reveal
In the words You conceal
So that only I can find them
And in the finding the whole world knows Your glory
Through the simple telling of my story
Day by day by day by day
May what I do, what I say
Or even the things that I don’t
Show others the road, show others the way
And may all men taste Your goodness, Your glory
Simply because they see You in me

K, Duane Carter 1-23-10

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