Wednesday, July 19, 2017


It’s quiet here
But life is noisy
The real world is full of noise and chaos
So why do I like the silence so much?
What is it here that makes me feel alive?
Out there in the bustle I am a loner, a misfit
The flashing screens make my brain repulse 
The noise, the empty conversations
The things that fill the every day that really don’t matter at all
The things that in the future will be dust
I just
Cannot live like that at all
I cannot also judge those that do
It is not up to me what is up to you
But I simply cannot join in the great milieu
Of sport and cars and hotel stays
So I put on my hiking boots once more
I pick up my camera and amongst shouts of “bore!”
I walk up to the mountains
I seek my place where God and I 
Can have a conversation
Where I can actually hear what he has to say
Often there are no words to pray
There is simply the majesty of the snow-capped mountains
To remind me I am small
Yet I am also very, very great

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