Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunset Morning

Sunset Morning

I step into another sunset morning
Where my eyes are closed
And I see the dreams
The place where I don’t know what anything means
Yet I know that it means everything

I hear the rhythms of distant stars
They awake the heavens and 
Dance does meet
With the sounds of the baby’s kicking feet
Even as she is hidden in womb
The wonder calls us all from the tomb
To taste, to smell, to dance, to live
To wonder, to know, to love, to give

Then I awake to amber skies and
The sounds of sunrise
I cry out to the top of my lungs
From the very depths
Life bursts from me, and it continues on

It’s time to rise
Time to shine
The light is on my face

And it comes from His
I awake to the amber skies

The sounds of sunrise

I am truly alive

K, Duane Carter 4/8/12  Happy Easter!

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