Monday, September 13, 2010


My mind is a barren wasteland
Quiet in a hardened steel kind of way
I feel the pull of the tug to join into the fray, yet
That is just a place of distraction, diversion
It is truly not the place where there is quiet rest
That place is found in the garden of the nest
Where wings of love and goodness cover
Where dreams untold are now discovered
Where truth and beauty are always revealed
Where the steel of my mind does bend and kneel
To the greater gift of goodness, to the greater truth of light
And in that place I truly discover the purpose of the night
I still am in the barren, yet my feet have begun to move
To find the land of goodness I simply have to choose
And not put it off for another day, another time
Today I will enter my rhyme
It is time
K, Duane Carter 9-13-10

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