Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am waiting for the roar of the water
I am waiting for the form and the flow
I am waiting for someone to tell me that I am alive
I’m waiting for the One I’m to know

I hear stories of past jubilations
I hear rumors that the Lion’s on the move
I hear of dead people raised up in a heartbeat
When their heart discovered the Source of all love

I still wait for the roar of the water
My heart feels now as if it will explode
I long for the face of the Glorious One
The One I am created to know

I want to live in His dream of my story
I want to ride as I hold on to the mane
I long to feel the pound of His hearbeat
Knowing that no moment is ever the same

I sit here and stare out this window
The same window I look out every day
And wait to hear, to see, to feel, to know
The One that I long for and pray
I hear Him running…

K, Duane Carter 4-22-10

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