Monday, March 8, 2010

Water Drops on the Window

I am a drop of water
Upon the window screen
And something, somewhere
Is drawing me
Toward what this life does mean

There are many drops of water
And I am only one
But as I’m drawn to where I belong
I first stutter, and then I run

Some drops cling quite tightly
To the metal protective screen
But I must move on to where I know not
For there is destiny

I move in erratic motions
Sometimes stopping to turn aside
But then the rain comes down from clouds above
And gives me quite the ride

I move now in a flowing motion
My direction is swift and sure
And all the other drops are joining in
To the place where we all are pure

I am but one drop of water
Upon the window screen
And with the help of the rain I fall
And land upon a seed

And life begins….

K, Duane Carter 3-3-10

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