Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Shadow

I was going through a darkness,
A darkness so thick, it was so hard to see
I could not see my face, I did not even know me
But then there was another darkness
That was quiet and warm and awesome and firm
And it completely drowned out the other, a mist of passionate dew
And then I felt the feathers and then and there I knew
It was the shadow of the Most High

I was walking through the wilderness
Nothing but the wild beasts and the dark ones
Waiting for their opportunity to pounce
I then felt goodness with every ounce
And the fear of nothing but the Lord came upon me
It was the shadow of the Most High

I came upon one with cancer
One with affliction, heartache and disease
I felt the oppression laughing
Thinking it could do whatever it pleased
And then I heard it shriek, I saw it vanish,
And I watched it melt before my eyes
My heart by the Presence was mesmerized
It was the shadow of the Most High

So you may be walking through a darkness
Where suddenly it seems darker still
But don’t be discouraged just open your heart
And trust Him, just trust Him until
You can sense Him too, knowing whatever you do
You are covered, protected, and warmed
By the shadow of the Most High

It’s the brightest place on earth…

K, Duane Carter 4-27-10

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