Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ok, Lord I have spent the entire day avoiding You.
And here at 5:46 pm I have decided I can’t avoid You any longer,
I have to take the step toward stronger
and ask You what is up to snuff?
Am I a diamond so in the rough
that it is best to just let me be
and then let all of eternity
bring about the finished gem?
Do I go around this mountain again
for the 20- millionth time
simply looking for another dime
when my need is in the millions of dollars?
This predicament is enough to make me holler
for just the sheer feel of letting it go,
but then I find myself back in the drifts of snow
that leave my heart just cold and dark.
I take a walk down through the park
in search of anything that will bring the heat.
I continue on with my aching feet
and feel the wind against my skin
that tells me once and once again
I can’t see You when I’m looking at my woes.
Against everything within me this goes
but it just makes sense that darkness mows
against the light, yet when that switch goes on
guess which one runs in fright?
In silence does that darkness flee,
and this simply is a reminder to me
to turn on the light and let it be
just simply what it is: pure bliss.

K, Duane Carter 1-23-10

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