Saturday, February 6, 2010



What is your dream?

Is it no child hopeless?

Is it no child hungry?

Is it no war, no scourge, no disease?

Whatever it is

Whatever you can imagine it to be

Hope will take you farther

Farther than you can think or even imagine

Hope will take you to that place

Don’t lose hope

I’m not talking about the man-made, manufactured kind

I’m not talking about empty promises and rhetoric

I’m not talking about an empty wish

I’m talking about the real Hope

Don’t lose It

For it is your ticket into your destiny

For it is the key which opens the door

Into the world of world-changers

Don’t lose hope

It is the life-flow of God’s dreams and visions and wonders

Lord, release Your hope

In torrents and torrents of living wonder and joy

Make it our anchor

Make it our refuge


K, Duane Carter 2-6-10

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