Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Furnace

The days are getting longer
my heart is getting stronger
but my resistance is weakening, weakening
and Your power strengthening, strengthening
for Your fire is Your love
and as the sun shines magnificently above
I feel a breaking, a breaking
and in Your trust I am not mistaking
anything that is my own, my fare
for the Divine love that will find me there
in a place where I lay everything down
and the fiery furnace falls to the ground
and all of a sudden the fourth man is with me
opening my eyes so I can see
The beauty of His face
The warmth of His embrace
This is all that ever matters
This is all that ever scatters
those things that hold me bondage here
those things that hold me in my fear
The furnace burns all of that away
I come out of this heated fray
Not smelling like smoke, but smelling like Him
Smelling like rose petals carried in the wind
My heart is placed in the lofty places
My soul is filled with His gentle graces
I no longer focus on my fall
I know the fire was worth it all

For now it burns deeply within me

K, Duane Carter 2-13-10

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