Monday, May 25, 2009



Sound is a release of energy

It is the spark of God hidden in things

Released when they are put under tension

And then plucked or moved or breathed upon

The sound is a picture you see with your ears

A picture of His energy and will

A contrast of His silent still

His secrets are within it

Our minds can’t comprehend it

But our hearts surely can

It is the honor of man

To hear it and know that He is God

K. Duane Carter 5-25-09

I wrote this as my seven-year old played with a rubber band. He was just playing and strumming away, and the message just came to me. I am beginning to realize that the mysteries of God are much more satisfying than the cold, hard answers of earth. I would never demean or belittle what God has allowed man to accomplish through science and historical study and math, etc. because all of these display His order and His great intellect. Yet, it is His mystery that I am finding is so beautiful because it requires me to become closer to Him. It requires me to be more intimate with Him, and I find this much more wondrous. Thank You Father, that you reveal Your secrets to children!! Thank You that You draw us closer with Your mystery.

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