Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am treading in very unfamiliar waters
No sign or sun or wonder to follow
Only quiet darkened mists and silence that is hollow
To point and show me the way
I stand still, very still
Because I hear the noises calling
Yet I listen for the voice, the voice
The One that makes my heart rejoice
But I only hear the rumblings
Of the deeper tempests tossed
He led me here, He led me here
I said that I would not, I would not fear
Yet I may have spoken quite prematurely
Yet He led me here, He led me here and surely
He will see me through this place
So I may enter into His embrace
And gaze upon His awesome face
And peer into those deep green eyes
The eyes of my Love and my Friend
Within them the joy it never does end
At least so I am told
I have come on this pilgrimage to be so bold
As to find out for myself
I want to know just for myself
If He is all He is said to be
If He is the One Who can set me free
From all of this fear and all of this indifference
And here I stand face to face
With those very things
Surrounding me, speaking to me,
Drawing nearer and nearer
The surroundings are dark and could never be clearer
This is the place for the Springs to arise
This is the place to look into His eyes
I sit and I wait for Him to arrive
And enjoy the sounds of the water beginning to rise

K. Duane Carter 6-4-09

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