Monday, December 1, 2008

Still Life

Still Life
There is something in this image that captivates me
I have looked and looked and looked at it for weeks
Knowing that it says something yet not knowing what it says
There is a message that death brings life
And Light is there to reveal it
There is nourishment for the soil in this death
The leaves speak it with mouths shut
The black walnut bears it with promise of life and abundance
There is life within this covering of God’s feathers
This downy pillow He has made for His new ways to spring forth
This sealing in the earth and of the earth
I know there is a message here
I feel it in my spirit, yet, I cannot speak it in my hands
God is in the places where we just don’t understand
Yet we trust Him just the same
That is where the might of His name
Springs forth
Ah, I understand the message

K. Duane Carter

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