Monday, December 22, 2008


I am always amazed how You speak through creation
Things going on in our natural world
Secrets of the depths now unfurled
That tell of the supernatural One
We have lived long in a dry and thirsty land
Created by our own fleshly hands
Where there is no water, yet
The rains have come, and come hard
The soil is drenched but is hardened by the long dry
The parched earth does now let forth its sigh
So now with water pouring in
You send the frozen
The frost that goes deeply
The frost that goes deeply
It begins to overturn the soil
It begins to divide asunder
Things that have been dormant for years
Now are disturbed and stirred and awakened
Because You have promised they are never forsaken
The soil is fit for growing something now
The ice has crushed our souls, our brow
The soil has been tilled, tilled from the depths
Tilled by the frozen, I hear His steps
The seeds that no one thought would grow
Now have been stirred by the dividing ice
Those buried seeds are now ready to receive
Moisture and nutrient, warmth and light
Get ready for the harvest
Get ready for the harvest
Things you never thought imaginable
Are coming into bloom, so very, very soon
For He is doing His work
His creation is speaking it
So now do we

K. Duane Carter

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