Thursday, November 27, 2008



I am tired of seeing with these eyes
I am tired of listening with these ears
I am tired of rationalizing with this mind
And coming up empty, wrong and paralyzed
I long to live by the Spirit and in the Spirit
Rise up within me O One that raises the One from the dead
Rise up within me and bring me into the true Life
The life where I know what You say
Not why You say it, not caring why You say it
But simply that You do
Simply that You are
Simply You are Love and Light
And in You is no darkness at all
Let the life within me be Light
And only Light
For I am tired of seeing with these blind eyes
I want to see with the ones You have given me to see with
I want to hear with the ears You gave me to hear with
The ones that are truly me and not what others see
I want to see with Your ears and hear with Your eyes
I want to gaze into the beauty of Your face, forever mesmerized
Let the life within me be Light
Let the light within me be Life
For nothing else matters
Nothing else matters
Nothing else

K. Duane Carter

God’s purpose is not to give me answers. God’s purpose is to give me wonder and mystery. God’s purpose is to reveal the One that should be truly worshipped and worship is a response to His wonder, not to mere reasons. But if I constantly seek the reasons and the answers, then He cannot trust me with the deeper wonders because I am too busy asking “Why?” and “What is the meaning of this?” to just sit and listen and dream. I must take the path of childlike trust to enter into His kingdom. Often I will lead my children into places that they don’t understand why we are going there, but they simply follow and they typically enjoy the trip. God please grow in me the childlike wonder. Please restore to me my childhood innocence, my childhood wonder, my child-like trust. I see that You are already doing that. Thank You for Your answers to my prayers, even those where I don’t understand or see the answer. May I be truly loyal and truly trustworthy to share in Your mysteries and wonders.

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