Saturday, November 8, 2008

Conquering Beauty

The darkened earth has me in its grasp
Held here by gravity
Held here by my own choices
I look at what my feet stand upon and feel the darkness
In the atmosphere the dark clouds hover
They watch over me to keep me in my place
They whisper out, “There is no grace
For the likes of you and your kind.”
I wish I could simply just unwind
The clock and go back to a simpler time
When God abounded in the midst of rhyme
As I reach this point of sorrow
A voice within whispers softly, “There is more…”
I see it there, right in the midst
With brightening clouds, lights in the mist
The sun is about to make its breakthrough
No sky, no earth will hold it back
I must withstand the dark attack
And wait here patiently
To watch the Conquering Beauty do His wonders

kdc 7-13-07

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