Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Dove

The Dove

I see the Dove
Fire in His wings
In Power He sings
Of eternal dreams
Signs, visions, wonders
He wishes me to behold
Mysteries untold
Mysteries of the presence of God
The wonders of worship in His throne room
The signs of heaven on earth
I say “yes” to You, O Spirit, in my spirit
God Himself dwells in me
The Fire dwells in me
Burning brighter than the sun
Burning, the Fire of the Holy One
Burn brightly and let nothing quench it.
Now the light so bright I cannot see
My eyes go blind
I cannot see with the natural eyes of mine
Open the eyes of my spirit, close the eyes of my mind
So I may see nothing but You,
O Dove with fire in Your wings
In power, in majesty, in loveliness sing
Sing Your dream, sing Your dream
In me

K. Duane Carter

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