Sunday, April 9, 2017


Welcome to the land of the poppies
Welcome to the land of the sun
Come in to the land of the waves and the sea
To the place where life is lived on
In a way where we all get to live it
Despite our differences, our opinions
We welcome the blue of our skies
We allow each one to ask their why’s
We allow each one to find the answers
We see tattoos, we admire the dancers
The artists, the surfers, the genius, the songs
We cherish the mountains, we relish the prongs
Over an open campfire on the beach
There is no dream that is out of reach here
It is the land of greatest opportunity
Sure there are those with quite the impunity
To wall us all in with their flimsy regulations
Yet freedom springs up from the very soil
We have fruitful work that banishes toil
From ever tainting our living revelations
Every smile, every breath, every sun-filled sensation
Will break forth and move toward the sunrise
Will open doors, will mesmerize
Those who have lost their way
Those who long for a better day
Will now know hope again for the very first time
No wave, no curve, no forbidding sign
Will take away their joy
For they have seen the lands of the fruit trees
The mountains, Yosemite
Speaks of eternal steadfastness, glorious
The redwoods, an ancient wisdom will always be here
The land of love will banish all fear
Only wisdom will grow there
The salmon, the whales, the cougars, the bear
Will still move along in their tapestries
The beauty will still bring the mortal to knees
And we all will relish in the land of golden goodness

Live on, California

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