Saturday, December 17, 2016


Poetry has been good to me
An outlet for all my rantings and ravings
A method for taking the soot and the ashes
And forming them into a beautiful pottery
Then baked and made golden in the sunlight

Poetry has been sunshine in the midst of the darkness
A beauty and a treasure never quite apprehended
A yearning for more of the more
A chalice filled with the best of wines
Only taken one slow sip at a time

You have been a friend, a companion
A counselor, and full of rebuke
But also full of compassion and emotion
Feeling and rage
Have always accompanied my travels on page

I am so glad to have met you
I am so glad to have known you
All these years we have meandered through
In reds and greens and blacks and blues
Yet still some days I am speechless

I must go on, I must regress
To the place where dreams come nigh
So with a song, a dance, a release, a sigh
I walk on to the radiant fog
Grateful to live in this mystery

But never alone

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