Saturday, July 23, 2016

Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero
Motion, motion
Constant motion
Like waves of water always yearning for the shore

Quiet, stillness
Is what I long for

Is this a moment for a both? For an and?
Is every moment an existence in tension?
Or does my heart simply long for a stability
Right in the midst of all this chaos?
In chaos the worlds began
The mesons still are quaking to this very day
From the sounds of His voice.
So why does my soul long for the stillness?
Why do I know you in the silence
In the places where no one else resides?
Has my heart chilled to absolute zero
The place where no one and nothing move?
Yet there is no place such as that for You
Maybe that is all that really matters
I draw as close as I can to You
Then all the frozen simply falls away
Nothing left but stillness

The stillness of a love that can not be overcome

The stillness of a love in all of its fury

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