Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Moment

The Moment
There is a great heaviness on the carousel
This going round and round and round and round
The music of the grand calliope
Off keyed and somber now
After years of rust and rain
This necessary thing called pain
Supposedly a seed that grows in the furrows
Into some sort of beautifully lined fruition

Maybe it does
Maybe it doesn’t

There might just be a fragrance to the flowers
If I will simply choose to inhale slowly

The springtime air enters my nose
Fills my lungs
Finds its way to every single place in my being
There is a fragrance there I’ve never noticed
There is something there, something air
But I must turn aside to note it
What is this?
I see a eucalyptus, on fire
Yet not consumed
Suddenly, I sense the heaviness of a Spirit
Pressing out the heaviness of my soul
I think the former frightens me more
I know not what I came here for
Those things no longer carry any weight at all
Compared to this weight I feel, I crawl
To the point where I cannot go any further
Yet I must go further still
No human power, no human will
Could stand this any longer
But I will stay here until I’m stronger

Or I will stay here until I die.

K, Duane Carter 5/26/16

Image from Google Images and is not my personal photography

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