Saturday, April 19, 2014


I’ve spent this sunny afternoon
Lying quietly on the floor
Right below the skylight
Relaxing in the More
I listen to gentle embers
Humming through the night
I sense the change and beauty
That flows through release of light
I hear the sound of His humming
As He caresses the curves of my face
I feel the vibrations of His throne room
Every atom quiescent with grace
The movement of His Spirit is constant
I feel the warmth of His wind and the chill
I am flattened by the beauty and wonder
Within these moments of just being still 
I see His stories pass by as the clouds move
I see His motions in love and in dance
I sense the immensity of His great loving Presence
I see Life is a growing romance

K, Duane Carter 4/19/13

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