Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Forgotten Incident

The Forgotten Incident

Lord, call me, call me from this boat, “Come out!”
I hear his call, I hear his voice, his summon shout
I would rather die in this tumultuous sea
Than to live in the place that isn’t me

I stand and go to the edge, the step
Where everything is a heaving and shrieking storm
There He stands, out in the midst of it all
Every voice within me saying to stay in the norm

I cannot stand in this safety here
I cannot be still when His voice I hear
I know that being with Him surely is my life
I step off the edge, I step into the night...

I walk amongst the angel platoons
amongst stars and planets and skies and moons
Water changes beneath my feet
as to my Soul and Life I meet

I have never before been gripped by such a Love

K, Duane Carter 2/9/14

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