Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Dreamers

My Dreamers

I look now as I saw you then
Taking in the sand, the sun and the wind.
And as I often do I now see so much more
Than at the moment that I stood on this beautiful shore

I wish that I had asked you then.
I was not thinking of the time nor when
You would suddenly become men and be free.
I wonder now at what you see:

Do you wonder what dreams are beyond the blue?
Do you ever, ever doubt that I truly love you?
Do you know you make me the proudest one?
Do you stand there and ponder the wonder of Sun?

I hope you stand in wonder with me
That as you grow into men, as you become free
You will see the wondrous works of God’s omnipotent hands
Which are shaping my dreamers that now stand on the sands.

K. Duane Carter 1-1-06

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