Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Truth and Disaster

One of the Greatest Truths, One of the Greatest Disasters

One statement that I have heard many times is one of the great truths in the modern church, but is also one of the greatest disasters. It is, “You are so heavenly minded, that you are no earthly good.” It is a great truth because the church has gotten to the point that it is so far away from Jesus’ call for it, that we have to look forward to the rapture to save us all. The world is not in a mess because of the rampant power of sin. The world is in a mess because of the rampant powerlessness of the church, and our reaction to that is to pull the “eject” lever and bail out. Thank God He didn’t tell us where that lever is. Instead He has told us where the throttle is, and He has told us where our weapons cache is, and that is what He expects us to do is to go full throttle into the mess and come into agreement with Him to fix it. So we do need to get delivered out of this dreamy state with our heads in the clouds waiting to be delivered from our boring, meaningless, and powerless existence. It is time we became good to this earth. It is time we took our role as the salt and preserve the goodness that God created in this earth.
There is a disaster in this statement though. The question becomes “How do we go full throttle into this mess and work with God to fix it?” We have to become heavenly minded. If we try to be earthly good without being heavenly minded, then we have a disaster. Now before you start to throw rocks at me for contradicting myself I am NOT talking about dreaming about streets of gold and a big house and such. I am talking about getting to the point where we are so intimate with God that we follow His dreams. That is TRUE heavenly-mindedness. His dreams are a world without poverty, a world where every child is loved and nurtured and cared for, a world with no HIV, a world with no violence and hate, and a world that is overwhelmed with His love. I am not talking about “utopia”; I am talking about the kingdom of God. In order to think like the King, we have to know the King. We have to hang out in the presence of the King. We have to obey the King when He says, “Do this.” We have to obey the King when He says, “DON’T do that.” I am not talking about obeying the ten commandments. I am not talking about taking on more activities at the local church. I am not even talking about selling everything and becoming a missionary. I am talking about getting before Him and listening and doing what we are told. To do this, we have to be heavenly minded. Paul puts it this way, “We have the mind of Christ.” Christ did only what He saw the Father do, and He said only what He heard the Father say. If we are true believers, then we have the mind of Christ and it is time to put that heavenly mindset, the mind of Jesus, to work. When we become the body of Christ and we function in the place He has created us to be, then guess what? The body of Christ becomes the living being that it was meant to be. Let’s get heavenly minded so that we can BE earthly good.

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