Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Bridge

Watch this video clip, and then let's think about it for a bit (If the blog doesn't give you a link then copy and paste the address into your internet window. If you don't watch the video, then the post won't make as much sense):

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God, You had a choice didn’t You? You had a choice to create or not to create. You needed nothing, and You needed no one, yet You made a choice. You knew the choice to create would cost Your Son, and would cause scars and hurt and pain, yet You also knew that those You created would get to enjoy being with You. You thought I was worth it. You thought I was worth the choice. MY GOD!!! May my life be worth the choice!! May my life be worth the choice!!! Don’t let me be one that rides around on this planet for 70 to 80 revolutions around the sun, and I don’t ever even know Who You are nor do I ever realize what it cost You to stand there and cry out for me to be with You. May my life be worth the choice. God let my life be worth the choice! But there is more. You thought each one was worth it. The crack addict, the child molester, the whore, the drug dealer, the gang member, the crooked and lying politician, the womanizer, the abortionist, the prisoner, and the rapist…You thought they were worth it. I pray right now for the release of the prisoners. I pray for release of those bound by sin and deception and terror. I pray for a release of the Spirit of Freedom into this land, because if You think they are worth it, then they really are worth it. Let us all see the cost You bore. Let us all take the time to look at Your face, and see the cost You bore. God, let us see Your face.

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