Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Slug Trail

Slug Trail
I was walking along today
Quite consumed with myself
My needs, my wants, my lists
As I stepped along
Almost oblivious to all
I saw a shining random chaos
Atop the beige-white sidewalks
Serpentine, candescent
Reflecting the sunlight from above
In no inapparent apparition
This glowing wandered everywhere
Unending, eternal
As I got outside of my little world
And entered the reality of this one around me
I realized the snails had been out for a walk
They, instead of being so self-consumed,
They left a little of themselves behind
A little of themselves to be a marvel
Or to simply be stepped over, ignored
Yet either way
Still, in the process 
They created a wonder

And so can you and I

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