Sunday, January 4, 2015

Some Observations on Feeling Better....

I've noticed something over the last several days.  Despite my voracious holiday appetites, I am starting to feel a lot better than I have in a long time.  I know, I know.  You're all out there hoping that Dr. Carter is going to advise spiked egg nog and heavy holiday feasts for everyday living.  Nope, that isn't what has done it for me.  I sat down and thought about it tonight, and I know of a few things that have most definitely helped.  I wanted to share them with everyone so maybe you can put these things to use also.

First is that I have made deliberate choices to avoid allowing garbage into my spirit.  Yes, I know this one isn't very "medical" but it's very accurate.  If there are things that make you feel "less than" then get rid of them.  Those things do nothing but drain you, so give them the boot.

Second is that I have finally accepted who I am and what I do.  A person I consider one of my spiritual fathers, Paul Manwaring, has helped me tremendously in this.  Many of us consider ourselves as just coming short of who we should be and we beat ourselves up about it.  Stop it.  Begin to be thankful for who you are and for what you do.  If you can't be thankful for what you do then stop doing that and do something else that you love.  I have also found how to be thankful in different situations.  For example, I used to feel like I was "wasting time" when I was relaxing.  No more.  Like tonight I just went outside for a while and let the sunlight hit my face.  I was thankful for the few minutes of serenity.  In the past, a moment like that would have gotten me irritated because I should have been "doing something."  I'm learning I AM doing something...I'm taking care of myself.

Third is that I have finally learned that life is messy and that's ok.  I've given up the ideal that life can be perfect and organized and worry free.  That's not life...that's a cemetery.  So I'm not walking around upset all the time that things are going well.  It's amazing how much energy that leaves for doing the important things of life.

Fourth is that I've learned to forgive.  Holding on to grudges and bitterness just sucks...literally.  It just sucks the life right out of you.  So let it go (SING IT, ELSA!!).  Sorry, got carried away there.  Seriously, though, let it go.  Your spouse snapping at you?  Let it go.  The boss being a jerk?  Let it go.  I tell you, I'm learning this first hand, the amount of energy that you waste on being angry and upset is amazing.  So forgive...and watch your energy levels go up.

Fifth is that I've learned to listen to my wife and I am taking some excellent supplements.  I am using Juice Plus and doTerra's Long Life Vitality Pack.  These things are good and they're good for me.  I have found that as I begin to take care of myself with good food, good sleep, good supplements, good exercise, and surrounding myself with good friends and family, that my life is much lighter and I have a lot more goodness flowing into it and out from it and this benefits everyone.

So, there is a simple list of things I've notice have helped to energize me.  I'm not saying this is the "cure all" for all fatigue and malaise.  I am saying that I have found these things have made big difference to me in my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and I'm hoping that sharing them will give others some insights on how to make their life better also.

Here's to you and a healthier and happier you all!!

Dr. C.

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