Thursday, October 31, 2013

Love in the Stillness

Love in the Stillness
I am longing for the stillness
Like the darkened sky against a September moon
Yet here I am at the tides of noon
With all of hell and water beating down my door

This heart within me does so long for more
yet my head is banging against the bricks
Raised up long ago with clubs and sticks
and a thousand useless apparitions
and thousands more useless superstitions
Have overtaken my nights

So now it seems my only plight
Is how many videos it takes to entertain
How many cells can I kill before my entire brain
Finally comes to the point where I can actually be human again
Finally comes to the place where my heart can pulse
Not to mention where there my soul, repulsed,
comes into the pleasures of the meeting

Time is continual, time is fleeting
But to the birds I make my motions
Greetings high with mixed emotions
I stand on a rusting moonshine still
I hear the sound of a whippoorwill
Yet in the midst I know no distinctions
The old, the ladies, the dark, the tinctures
Have all faded into dust
I must, I say, I must, I must
Travel into the realms of timelessness
To hear my heartbeat revel in the winds

“Dear God, would you please stop this meandering.”
I hear the raucous noises daily, the philandering
It is the only music the dirt can hear
Yet I dance to sounds in the atmosphere
Which is why my soul is in stillness
In places dark and unseen
No shiny, metallic, shimmering sheen
But just an overwhelming magnanimity 
Sewn with deliberate humanity
Brings on a dance that shakes the universe

This I will never, ever reverse
Forever forward will I go
Will your heart and soul and being know
Me in this land of fierce contention?
I believe that I must have forgotten to mention
You were with me all of this time
You were the cadence, the voice, the rhyme
That slathered all of my being
In dusts and dances and darknesses bleeding
yet healing all the same
Was found in one vastly simplistic name
Called love

I have found the stillness

I so long for it....

K, Duane Carter 10/30/13

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