Friday, November 2, 2012

Gardens in the Desert

Gardens in the Desert
When the mind is full of emptiness
The heart filled up with sand
the dryness reaches up into my mouth,
it reaches deeply into my hands
In that place I speak to the rock
The waters come forth in a wild, passionate rush
It wasn’t necessarily my command
It was His heart
He was waiting on me to join in with Him
Because it is just so much more fun that way
To watch the sun stand still the day
To see Him make all the difference
Just what is this thing that is underway?
Just what is this journey to restore?
Just what is this walk through heaven’s gates
Which fully satisfies yet still longs for more?
What is it that Your heart longs for?
What is it that Your heart desires?
What more could it be than to be rejoined
With the ones that carry eternal fires,
While all the same bringing the great waters
The restoration of sons, of daughters
Who only know love as their vivacious passion

K, Duane Carter 11/2/12

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  1. By the way, the image posted is not mine. It was free reign on the internet though :)