Monday, November 22, 2010

The Deep

I was finishing up my exercise routine this morning, and I looked up to see one of my photos of Colorado.  I have been thinking about publishing an inspirational calendar with poems and photos, and that got me to wondering.  I began to wonder why inspirational products sell so well.  Obviously our country must have a lot of people that desire to be inspired and encouraged.  Now the next logical step would be to say that obviously life can be hard and stressful and people need that inspiration and encouragement to get through those difficulties and hardships.  But then I felt something deeper.  What if down deep what we are really seeking is that something that life is really supposed to be here on planet earth?  I’m not talking about the yearning for heaven either.  I’m talking about releasing the glory of God here on this earth we live on.  What if we humans have put up with disappointment and hurt and discouragement and pain and suffering and death for so long that we have buried that real yearning and power and faith that is deep within us telling us it really doesn’t have to be the way that we see it?  What if that fire burning deep within the mountainous pile of ashes is that quiet voice of God saying, “You were born for much more than this…you were born for much more.”  What if God is just waiting for that one woman, that one man, that one boy, that one girl who is willing to say, “God, you told us to pray that Your will be done on earth and Your kingdom to come to this earth and for it to be on earth as it is in heaven.  You gave us back our dominion over this planet.  I’m ready to walk in that”?  What if we quit accepting excuses like, “That’s just the way life is”, and “God allows bad stuff to happen to help us be better” and started to live out the truth that He has called us to greater works than Jesus by resting in our identity as sons and daughters of God and the beautiful bride of Jesus?  What if??  I’m beginning to see it…and it is more beautiful than we can think or imagine.  You were born for more than this.  Go for it.  The earth is crying out for you. 

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