Monday, May 3, 2010

Greatness from the Mist

Greatness from the Mist

There is a greatness coming out of the mist
From the unseen realm is coming an ocean
An ocean of Goodness, Love, and Strength
Such as the world has not seen
But it will want to see it again and again
It will suddenly appear
A rumbling roar will pierce the air
And no darkness will ever stand it there
It will be heard before it is seen
It will turn the desert into green
And make rivers out of dry land
It will restore the salt to the people of earth
It will bring new life and bring new birth
And nothing and no one will be able to stop it
It will be deep, deep, and deeper
And the climb to the mountaintop will not be steeper
For the way will be smooth and flat
Wine in the skins, oil in the vats
It is coming, I tell you it is coming
I tell you it is here
He is here

K, Duane Carter 5-3-10

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