Sunday, January 4, 2009


Time for some spontaneity
And in that statement is no spontaneity at all
For it is bound within earth and time
And schedules and pressures and all sorts of rhyme
That even takes the spontaneity out of the spontaneous
And turns it into rigid rules
Where life dies
The phone rings again
Bringing up a spirit of sin
I am so sick of the ring
That would change if I would sing
The goodness and graciousness of God
Instead of the praise of the devil, which is complaining
Complaining is praise in reverse
Where my entire being grows terse
And my health and my happiness fade
My heart turns as cold and hard as jade
But isn’t nearly that colorful or beautiful
And it smells bad too.
I say I long for the new
Yet I am not willing to choose to walk in it
Until now when the spirit was able to overcome my brow
And the Light of the universe let out a spark
That quenched the hot and fiery dart
That the complaining spirit had in me
My spirit now set free
Will release a “thank You” to the only One
His light much brighter than the sun
It even makes my jaded heart turn warm
It turns from stone to flesh
And the aroma of Jesus starts to rise
It reaches my spirit, reaches my eyes
And I can finally see that what is bothering me
Is nothing in His presence
I have His life, I have His essence
And there is nothing else I want or need
His life is the very wondrous seed
That I want planted in me
In good soil that grows a hundred fold
In a good heart that lives and never grows old
Plant it deeply, Lord,
Plant it deeply
I receive it freely, I give it freely
Plant it deeply, Lord,
Plant it deeply
I receive it freely, I give it freely

K. Duane Carter

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